Content is King: Strategy for Writing Quality SEO Content


The importance of high-value quality content in SEO is no secret. In fact, the phrase “content is king” in Bill Gates’ infamous 1996 essay became a mantra of SEO. In this article we look at the topic of Content is King: Strategy for Writing Quality SEO Content.

You can find it written in almost every blog on the internet that discusses SEO and content strategy.

This is an important concept to keep in mind after all; Creating original and compelling content for your business website plays an important role in search engine ranking.

We as writers uphold the idea that well-written and structured content has a direct impact on the user experience.

If a website doesn’t have high-quality, user-friendly content that is valuable to the reader, search engines will not rank your content as they see it as irrelevant to the user’s search query.

Content is King: Why is Quality Content So Crucial?

The purpose of creating high-quality content is to provide interesting but useful information to its target audience. The whole aim is to provide value to the readers!

The Internet is a content market and an ocean of information, so Bill Gates was right “Content is King”

It’s where people go to consume, whether it’s reading, socialising, or shopping. The more relevant the SEO copywriting on your site, the more likely it is that visitors will follow and engage.

Providing quality, high-value content shows consumers you’re a trustworthy and reliable source for the content they are searching for.

Google’s Panda algorithm is specifically designed to favor sites that provide high-quality content. This helps Panda reduce the presence of sites that provide content that’s spammy and un-original.

High-Quality Content Increases Your Online Visibility

When writing high-quality content, it’s important to keep visibility in mind.

To increase your chances of ranking content well, is to write content that aligns correctly with your SEO content strategy.

Crafting high-value quality content starts with good keyword research.

You need to understand:

  • What are you targeting?
  • What exactly are you wanting to cover in your writing?
  • Are you answering a question, or explaining something?
  • Who is the audience you are talking to?

Start out by writing a list of words and key phrases relating to the topic you are writing about. Focus highly on your niche and give people a reason to stay on your website and read your content.

It’s about providing value and gaining your readers’ trust.

When Crafting Content Keep These Things in Mind

1. Sound professional – It’s important to pay attention to how you sound within your writing. The more professional it is, the better. Not only are people reading your content, so are Google and other search engines.

2. The devil is in the detail – The misspelling of people, places and other things will also diminish the authority of your content. Make sure you know the correct spelling and pay attention to the details.

3. Pay attention to grammar – Poor grammar and punctuation is bad for your content. It makes the content difficult to read, and your readers should not have to decipher what you’re trying to say.

4. Don’t stuff Keywords – As writers, we find it good practice to aim for an organic tone of voice when writing, this will naturally incorporate the keywords you are trying to rank for.

When writing about a certain topic, it’s natural to include key words and phrases into the copy, try not to force keyword placement and let your writing flow naturally.

Search engines such as Google will enforce penalties for oversaturated keywords within content as it treats it as spam.

5. Social media – Information is constantly being shared online, not only through blog articles, but social media as well. People are more likely to share your content if they find it valuable.

Social media gives you an opportunity to put your content in front of people, vastly improving the visibility of your business.

6. Avoid duplicate content – Search engines such as google dislike showing the same content multiple times. It just doesn’t make sense, right? What’s the point!

Pay attention to the content that is already available, the last thing you want to happen is write something similar and not be able to rank for it.

7. Update older content – It’s good practice to check your older articles, is the information still relevant? does it need updating? after all you don’t want out of date information available to your readers, and that’s not helpful at all.

Content is King: Conclusion

If you are looking to optimise your website for search engines, it’s a good idea and a major SEO factor to consider the quality of your content.

When writing SEO content that will attract customers, check everything you can twice – from grammar and spelling, layout and the keywords you are implementing within your copy.

Writing high-quality content that is valuable for readers to engage with is a crucial factor when it comes to your SEO content strategy, this will enable your content to rank higher in the SERPs.

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