How You Can Leverage Your Brand Through Powerful Storytelling

How You Can Leverage Your Brand Through Powerful Storytelling

Storytelling grabs people’s attention and that’s why brands choose this approach. During the ongoing global pandemic, companies that successfully use storytelling are able to connect their brand message with the values ​​of their consumers, helping them empathize with the current situation the world is facing.

Consumers are no longer interested in companies that put little effort into their message, but want to connect with a brand on a personal and intimate level. That said, the use of storytelling as a core marketing strategy that brands can use to differentiate themselves, and its expected to increase to meet consumer needs and track sales during the pandemic.

The Importance of Brand Storytelling During The Pandemic

As mentioned, companies must adapt to storytelling to get their message across effectively. Through the use of storytelling, brands will be able to link facts to emotions, which can then be converted into sales. This marketing method can also increase company visibility, profits, and overall impact on the consumer base.

With countless brands currently competing in the digital age, this is an opportunity for a company to stand out and create a resonating message that captivates an audience. Simply listing products on a website is no longer enough, and the companies that can’t scale and adapt will be left behind.

When it comes to your own ecommerce business, this article will give your brand the opportunity to learn all the skills needed to successfully run storytelling marketing.

How to Leverage the Power of Brand Storytelling

When it comes to companies using storytelling to increase conversions, brands need to recognize that this method is not about directly promoting and marketing products, but about learning to connect and understand consumers.
Before your company takes its own storytelling approach, it is important to consider these key factors:

Create Something Unique

As mentioned before, your brand will have to think outside the box when it comes to creating a story. Your brand will most likely have a ton of competition in their field, so creative thinking will help your brand stand out and resonate with consumers. If done successfully, your business is 22 times more likely to be remembered by someone.

Build Loyal Consumers

By presenting stories in the midst of a crisis, your company has the opportunity to build something more than just an interested audience, you create a loyal following. With great stories, your platform has become a welcoming space where consumers can interact with each other, better interact directly with your brand and understand what you stand for as a brand.

Show You Care and Help People

With the pandemic taking over everyone’s lives, it’s important for your company to show how it has helped various communities in the midst of chaos. You want your consumers to know that your efforts are having a positive impact on society, making your customers feel better when they shop with you.

Storytelling for luxury brands should also take this approach into account, as they are perceived by consumers as companies with greater responsibilities and users expect more from them based on their brands history.

Open Up To Your Audience

To show your human side to consumers, try to open up to your audience. The pandemic should not be a taboo subject for its users. So being open-minded and talking about the difficulties your business might have can really impact your consumers through increased reliability.

Be Sensitive and Avoid Certain Things

People right now are likely to be sensitive about certain topics, which means that your company should not make inappropriate jokes about the pandemic or make negative comments about other companies in the industry. In general, people don’t want negativity right now.

As you work to incorporate these points into your storytelling strategy, you can make a difference in how your brand is perceived. Although the exact development may take some time, keep in mind that the results will be worth it after a successful run.

Brands Using Storytelling

The following brands have used many different approaches to marketing and are successful in using storytelling to drive conversions:


Shoe company Adidas highlighted how its company donated 100,000 masks to health professionals and more than $3.25 million to the WHO COVID19 Solidarity Response Fund, as well as 1.$35 million to the China Foundation for Youth Development.

Because Adidas is a well-known and respected company around the world, it was important for Adidas to show how much they could really give back to communities during a time when they need it most.Corkcicle


Branded water bottles Corkcicle emphasized that with every purchase, customers can choose the company of their choice to donate the brand. It was a fun and caring approach to engage their audience during the pandemic and increase revenue.


DoorDash has partnered with RED not only to donate $ 500,000 to Global Funds’ COVID19 Response, but also to offer limited edition merchandise for consumers to raise awareness and generate donations.


Despite the pandemic that has caused chaos and disruption in countries around the world, now is also the time for companies to learn better ways to connect with consumers and communities outside their industry and build brand awareness through powerful storytelling.

The use of brand storytelling in marketing strategies is likely to increase over time, with audiences always eager to empathize with their favourite brands. Fortunately for companies, as Forbes puts it, “Emotions make you buy more than logic”.

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