Handy Strategies You Can Implement Today to Boost Website Sales

Handy Strategies You Can Implement Today to Boost Website Sales

It’s all about having unique personalisation when it comes to your website and encouraging visitors to hire you or purchase items from you. Let’s jump in to some Handy Strategies You Can Implement Today to Boost Website Sales.

By implementing strategies to gently encourage and gain your customers’ trust as they navigate your website, you can boost website sales and your brand recognition.

While there is no magic trick to increasing your website sales overnight, there are some strategies you can implement. This can help increase your website visitors, which can be converted into customers and ultimately increase sales.

Once you have a visitor on your site, there are key points that you need to focus on to maximize the potential of turning the visitor into a customer, including keeping visitors on your site, encouraging them to hire you, making a purchase and persuading them to come back at a later time. future date.

In a nutshell, it’s all about personalisation, and once you’ve set that up, the conversion from site visitors to buyers begins.

Below we share some Handy Strategies You Can Implement Today to Boost Website Sales.

Ensuring Your Website is User-Friendly

First of all, you need to make sure that your website is completely 100% user-friendly. Even if a potential customer came to your website specifically to make a purchase, chances are that if the page they land on is cluttered and difficult to navigate, they will look elsewhere to purchase what they are wanting.

Loading speeds should be fast, as this is a common mistake, and pages should be easy to navigate. Customers must know where they are on the website at all times; having as few clicks as possible from the landing page to checkout encourages them to stick around and eventually purchase from your website.

Moving further into optimising your website, you need to make sure your website is SEO optimised for search We share some Tips and Fundamentals for Designing an SEO-Friendly Website.

Engage With Website Visitors

Don’t be afraid to engage with your visitors. Overlays such as pop-up messages are a non-intrusive technology that can be activated based on the visitor’s actions; in this context, they would present site visitors with an offer or message to entice them into a purchase or help them navigate to the most important pages you want them to visit.

This can be an extremely powerful tool when it comes to encouraging potential customers to buy, and they provide a sense of personalisation, giving the customer the impression that their buying journey has been designed just for them.

At the right time, offers like ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Save 50%’ encourage visitors to stay on your site and become valuable customers.

Call to Action and Website Notifications

Similarly, calls to action (CTAs) and notifications, implemented at the right time in the customer journey, can prevent visitors from leaving the website and encourage them to become customers. Rather than offering visitors an exclusive offer, calls-to-action steer them in the right direction, for example, by telling them that they have items in their shopping cart and should therefore go to checkout.

Notifications when time for a purchase runs out (eg, “Your items are only kept for two minutes, do you want to pay?”) will prompt visitors to pay and encourage them to complete the purchase.

Motivate and Encourage With Incentives

This is a simple tactic that can increase your website sales and convert potential customers into repeat customers at a low cost to you. It can be as simple as free shipping or discounts when you spend a certain amount; Anything that helps your customer get a discount while making him spend more will benefit both parties.

Offer Gift Codes and Vouchers

If you haven’t already, partnering with a brand to provide consumers with gift codes and vouchers can be an incredibly effective way to not only encourage people to visit your site, but also purchase from you.

Make sure publicly available voucher codes are actually valid for your website. There can be a big drop in conversion and customer loyalty if they are invalid. Discover the different discounts they offer. For example, larger discounts can result in higher conversion rates, while smaller discounts can result in higher average order values. So experiment to find what works best.

Prevent Abandoned Baskets

Barclaycard has said abandoned carts could cost retailers more than ÂŁ18bn a year in potential sales, so this is an obvious issue that needs to be addressed.

In theory, it may seem difficult to retrieve abandoned carts when the customer has likely already left the site, but that’s where email engagement comes in.

A very personalised and friendly reminder can remind customers that they have left their shopping cart, and a follow-up email with an offer (for example, a 10% discount on their shopping cart) can really help reduce those dropout rates.

Keep Customers Coming Back For More

So you’ve turned a visitor into a customer, but how do you keep them? Much of this will be in the experience of their journey, which, if personalised to the right degree, is likely to keep them coming back.

However, there are other ways to keep customers coming back, such as a discount or free shipping on their second purchase, which makes a return trip more attractive. Email engagement can also play a role here.

First, buyers like to feel special, so a personalised message from a brand they’ve purchased from before in the past is likely to be welcomed. Second, if you know a customer’s buying pattern from their purchase history (for example, if they usually buy things at the end of the month), you can send them a small email reminder at that time to encourage them back to your website.

Boosting website sales is all about keeping a customer on your site long enough to make a purchase and getting them to convert from a visitor into a buyer.


The main take away from this article – and something we deeply respect – is that personalisation is key. Understand your audience, customise and tailor their purchasing journey, and you’re halfway there to increasing your website sales.

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